Justice For All


Are you aware that several cases of human rights abuses go unreported? Are you also aware that several people do not know their rights so they cannot demand it?

It is in view of this that “Free World Foundation” has established and implements the Ghana Rights Watch Project (G.R.W.P). This project monitors all forms of human rights violations that occur in Ghana and are reported in the media and prepares a quarterly report on such violations.

We also advocate for the speedy trial of suspects who have unnecessarily been put on remand for a very long time. This is premised on the conviction that “justice delayed is justice denied”.

That is why “Free World Foundation” has set up the “Justice for All Fund” from which victims of human rights abuses would be adequately rehabilitated. Members of the public who cannot hire the services of lawyers would also be assisted to do so under this fund.  We shall also support whistleblowers that are victimised until they are eventually reinstated. By so doing, we shall win the fight against corruption.

There are also instances where people are abused by their family’s breadwinners. The victims are not able to report because of their apprehension that in the likely event of the perpetrators being jailed, they do not know where their next meal will be coming from. Such victims will be supported financially by “Free World Foundation”. This would encourage other victims to report cases of abuse and violence.

Please contact us by sending an e-mail to damghana@yahoo.com / freeworldghana@gmail.com or by calling us on +233(0)24-452-9178 / +233(0)26-641-2241 / +233(0)20-871-9647 / for the necessary arrangements. You can also visit our “SUPPORT US” page for instructions on how you could assist us.