Win My Vote



No matter the shortcomings of democracy, it is the best form of governance now. It is a system that allows the masses to decide on who should have their mandate to govern them. But how informed are those who make the choices and how do the politicians put across their ideas without engaging in mudslinging. It is in view of this that “Free World Foundation” has introduced the “WIN MY VOTE” campaign to educate both the electorate and the politicians. In addition to educating the citizenry about their civic responsibilities, we also organise town hall meetings for aspiring members of parliament and aspiring assemblymen and women to share their vision and programmes with the electorate.

You can assist us by supporting this programme financially or by donating any governance literature you may have for us.

Please contact us by sending an e-mail to /   or by calling us on +233(0)24-452-9178 / +233(0)26-641-2241 /+233(0)20-871-9647  for the necessary arrangements. You can also visit our “SUPPORT US” page for instructions on how you could assist us.